To whom it man concern,

Hello. My name is John Bowen. I'm writing this letter in reference to the work done at my house at 401 Buena Vista Ave. by Scott Sawyer of USEEG. So far, the improvements made at my house have saved me close to $1,100.00 this year. The job was done in a professional manor and in an appropriate amount of time. If you have any further questions about the work that was done to my home or if you wish to see the completed job, please feel free to contact me at (410) 741-7637. I hope you found this helpful.


Letters of Recommendation

U.S. Energy Efficiency Group LLC (USEEG)

3789 Layfield Rd. Salisbury, MD 21804-1602

Attention: Scott M. Sawyer, Sr.

Please be advised that we have continued to enjoy and are very happy with the Rinnai Tankless hot water system you installed at our residence earlier this year. It's been six months since the initial installation and throughout that time we have seen cost savings, better efficiency and system reliability unrivaled by our previous system. Our old system on many occasions dictated our schedule, when we could bath, wash dishes, do laundry etcetera. Also, when we went on trips it was necessary to run out the water that had remained in the tank during that period of time, after days of reheating the water would be of very poor quality. As our home had limited space, we were also able to realize benefits there, now my husband is readying the space our other system occupied to use as an additional closet space, where I'll be able to store brooms, the vacuum and other cleaning supplies. High on our list of priorities of course, as with many American families, was the aspect of cost savings, our electric statement clearly showed the savings in the charting of usage from the previous year to this one, and the savings began immediately by a reduction of at least $60.00 per cycle or month. Also, thanks for the honest answers and information you provided so we could research the system independently and make an educated decision. It has become clear that this was and very wise choose for our family.

- FRED & JUDY SENKBIEL of Quantico md


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- John Doe

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